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Thermal solar energy can heat water or buildings. Photovoltaic devices, or solar cells, directly convert solar energy into electricity. Individual solar cells grouped into panels range from small applications that charge calculator and watch batteries, to large systems that power residential dwellings. PV power plants and concentrating solar power plants are the largest solar applications, covering acresEvery 60 sec, enough sunlight hits Earth to power it for a year. All you have to do is harness it:

Commercial Business Solar, Clean Energy of the Future, Buy and Lease Options, Installation, and Service: Riverside CA, Inland Empire

 Get Clean, More Affordable Energy Today.
Act Now and Save! Claim your Power

The Sunniest Climate-Change Story
This is the year humans finally got
serious about saving themselves from themselves.

Go Solar! With a heat advisory issued for Riverside and San Bernardino counties through the week, SCE officials expect more outages to come. To lessen the burden on SCE's grid, officials ask that residents use air conditioning less and conserve energy however possible. Thousands of business are already  enjoying the Tax benefits of clean, affordable energy from DCB Digital Solar. Going solar lets your business take a step toward energy independence and away from the unpredictability of utility rates, and outages!


Go Solar Protect your Mission-Critical Systems and Applications....Rebate are at a 30% and may go away next year. Invest in your business, not your energy bill. Businesses that spend over $500/month on electricity can reduce their utility bill with solar and could begin saving right away.

Energent.gifDCB Digital  have partnered together with many Solar companies to develop  megawatts (MW) of blended solar energy facility that will generate clean, reliable solar power for delivery to Our Inland Empire Clients headquarters and surrounding Los Angeles Area locations. The partnership aims to help our Clients facility reach its goal of using renewable sources for at least 25 percent of their electricity needs by 2017.

 At DCB Digital, we're always looking for ways to make ourselves more valuable to you. Our Energy partners provides complete energy solutions; from computer modeling to design and engineering, installation, maintenance and warranty, our staff of experienced professionals ensure complete satisfaction of every aspect of your project. If you are looking to save 3 - 5% ROI Give me a call!  951-444-8676



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